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April 15, 2019

Newborn Photography: My Approach (part 2)

You can read all about my inspiration for Newborn Photography and how I approach it here, but today I wanted to begin to break down what an in-home newborn session with me looks like, so that as you prepare, you’ll know what to expect. As I sat down to write this, I realized it was a long, kind-of-boring read, so I decided to break it up into sections + elements, which will definitely be less-long. And, you know, hopefully less-boring.

My goal for your newborn + family portrait session is simple: that your connection be the focus. In order to make that happen, a few factors come into play: light, background, and wardrobe.

I’ll begin with what I believe is the most important aspect of your session: Light.


We’ll Go Where the Light Is

Upon arrival, I’ll ask for a quick tour of your home (which can be given by your kids if you’re still getting ready). I’m looking for flattering, natural light in different rooms and areas. Depending on what aesthetic and medium I’m using, sometimes I’ll want the light to be direct, like the sun shining through the window, and sometimes I’ll choose softer, indirect lighting. 

If the day is particularly dark, or I can’t quite find what I need, not to worry. Every home is different! I’ll be ready to create your photos with a portable studio light that I’ll have with me. 

I love photographing families in bedrooms and living rooms, but will go where the light is best, even if it seems like a strange choice. Remember, the goal is not to focus on all the stuff in your home! If a kitchen, hallway, entryway or bathroom (for real) has the best light, we’ll work there. Patio doors, sunrooms, and big picture windows work beautifully, but I’m also on the lookout for single windows, covered porches, and outdoor spaces.

Below are a few examples of how I use light in different spaces, to create simple, tender photographs. When I see these, I like that the families feel like they’re at home, but the focus is on their connection to one another.


Next up, I’ll be talking about what kind of background I’m looking for when photographing in your home—stay tuned!



*Head here (and scroll to the bottom!) to contact me for a newborn or family session in your home!

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