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March 8, 2019

Why I Love In-Home Sessions (& you should, too)


As you know, I love in-home newborn and family photography sessions. Spending time with clients in their homes is so very joyful, and I wanted to share a few reasons that you should consider your home for the location of your next family photo session.


1. You’re comfortable.
There’s something about being surrounded by your own things, in your space, where you can let your guard down. I especially love this aspect when photographing children. They’re less reserved, because I’m on their turf. As a mom of a three and a one year old, I know the thought of them being uninhibited might strike fear in your heart—as in, “Jessica. How will you possibly get photos of them if they’re being themselves?” But don’t worry, Mama. I love movement, and genuine connection, and the candid element that comfortable kids bring. And perfection? It’s never my goal.

2. You’re comfortable. (It’s worth saying again.)
When you have a newborn baby, or kids of any age, really, it’s sometimes difficult to leave the house at all—much less leave the house on time, when people are fed, happy, clean and generally looking photo-ready. If we’re at your home, I can photograph your sleepy newborn while you finish getting ready. You and your family can have snacks and sippy cup refills (see also, shirt changes) and story breaks as-needed. Bonus: You will not have packed—or left behind—any of those things! Your three year old wants to have a tantrum or show me her big kid bed? Both are things she’ll outgrow someday…and I want to photograph them. 

3. Your life happens at home.
I know this sounds obvious, but I get teary-eyed thinking about the fact that our home is our children’s childhood home. One day they’ll refer to it as “the house they grew up in”. I don’t know if it’s our forever home, but it is where we rest and love and cook and care for one another. It’s where we play on the floor and do bedtime routines and dance parties and wake up next to one another every day. It’s where our memories of being parents of babies and toddlers are being built…right now. The idea of my kids looking through our photos someday and remembering the things we felt within these walls is part of why I love family photography so much. It’s home. It’s part of your story. And even if it’s not pinterest-worthy (ours isn’t) it deserves to be documented.  

4. It feels less stiff.
Unstuffy is my love language. Also, baked goods, but I suppose that doesn’t apply here.
I understand that people want a photo of everyone looking and smiling. We can do that! But, about 95% of your photos will be your family just being together. The way you fit in each other’s arms.  A burst of laughter.  A toddler hug. You know, the good stuff.


See? Magic.

If this sounds like you, and you’re ready to make photos of your people together, fill out the contact form over here


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