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March 1, 2019

Newborn Photography: My Approach (part one)

After finally getting him to sleep, I placed our new baby boy on our bed to photograph him.

I’d been trying to simplify my approach to photographing newborns—resisting the (self-inflicted) pressure to capture this fleeting stage like others do so well; with borrowed props and a list of poses—some that require digital composites of more than one photo to be safe for the baby. It never felt like me, and I never felt confident photographing newborns that way, despite how lovely the results could be.

So it felt better, this quiet moment in our room. It felt like me, like us, like something I would want to remember. A simple white comforter, a muslin swaddle, and a tiny new onesie that pulled at my heart strings.

And then, as if I didn’t already find him perfect enough, he put his tiny hand up to his face, just as he had in his ultrasound photo. I didn’t even consider moving it—that familiar placement a reminder that he had been with me this whole time, and now he was here, home, sleeping soundly on our bed.

That little hand raise has helped me hone my purpose—to photograph each baby simply and lovingly, just as I’d photograph my own. 



Stay tuned for part two, outlining the “how” of this approach—the logistics of your shoot, what to expect, and what I’m looking for when I arrive at your home. (Good-News Hint: I’m not looking for perfection or a spotless space.) I’m so excited to share, and can’t wait to work with more babies and families in this way.

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