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September 10, 2013

Jon & Kannan: Black Hills Engagement Photographer

I smiled when I read Jon and Kannan’s favorite things about one another. Yes, they were particularly sweet, but I wasn’t smiling only because of that. It was because I remember noticing those very things in the short time we spent wandering Wall Drug.

I say that not to claim how well I know them, (although, seriously, can we be friends?) but to point out just how much truth lies within the sentences written below. I think it’s a rare thing to be the same person all of the time—no matter the company or situation—but this couple is genuine to the core.

Jon & Kannan, I’m so thrilled that I get to photograph your wedding! Thank you for the laughs and the tour of Wall Drug. I hope you like a few of  my favorites!


Kannan, what’s your favorite thing about Jon?
Where to begin? Jonathan is remarkable! He is funny and charming. He’s a gentleman and ever so handsome. He has this incredible brain that can remember all types of facts. He always astonishes me with detailed stories and fun trivia. But I think my favorite thing about him would be his genuine interest in humanity. When Jonathan talks to people he doesn’t make small talk. He asks questions, and listens to the answers. I’m fascinated by the sincere pleasure he gets from getting to know someone. I love him for that.

You knew you’d marry him when….
We talked about how

many times we could have met but didn’t. We talked about the different setbacks and victories we’ve had in life. It all paved the path to us being together. I started to realize that God had a hand in the timing and choreography of our meeting. That is when I knew, this was the man meant for me!

Jon, what’s your favorite thing about Kannan?
My favorite thing about Kannan is her loyalty. She is my best friend. She is capable of generosity that will make you blush and honesty that’s vivid like hot sand on bare feet. Her humor is embracing and she can inspire people to be at their best. Even so, I admire her loyalty.

You knew you’d marry her when….
I knew I would marry Kannan when I saw that she is super fun and up for adventure; She isn’t afraid to cut loose. We took a nine day road trip and I found out even more how fun she is to be around! That is something people don’t grow out of. There is much much more for us to look forward to.


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  1. Jenni says:

    CONGRATS JON!!!! I am so happy for yoU!!!! Best news! Jenni

  2. Francy Foral says:

    Wow! These pictures are amazing! Not surprising considering they capture a spectacular couple. Congratulations, Kannan and Jon, and very best wishes as you walk down this path together!

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