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September 7, 2013

Josh & Jessica: Rapid City Wedding Photographer

Josh and Jessica, to say I loved photographing your wedding would be an extreme understatement. Thank you for being so very sweet, kind, and gracious. Your love for each other and for those closest to you is evident, and it shows in every single photo.  I can’t thank you enough for inviting me to be a part of your day. Enjoy a few of my favorites!


From the Bride & Groom…

What was the most memorable part of your wedding day?

Josh: The very first time I saw Jessica come out in her dress.  Ill never forget how beautiful she looked.

Jessica: The first look moments with Josh. I never felt so loved than when I saw the look in his eyes after seeing me for the first time.

Jessica Simons’ Take: I loved being there as Jessica got ready with her mother. It felt very special and personal—they were taking in every moment—and I could tell Jessica felt beautiful. She was so excited to see Josh and to show him her dress.

What was your favorite detail of the wedding day (music, flowers, cake, etc.)?

Josh: The overall venue was amazing. The weather was perfect (it wasn’t too hot to be wearing tuxes) and the sun slipped through perfectly during the ceremony.

Jessica: Our Guests. They were so fun and interactive and made our day so special by sharing it with us.

Jessica Simons’ Take: The bride’s pink lipstick!

Any advice for other couples planning a wedding?

Josh: Get everything done as soon as possible to alleviate the stress of crunching things into the last week before.

Jessica: If the two of you can get through planning a wedding together, ya’ll will be able to get through ANYTHING.

What’s the best part of being married so far?

Josh: Knowing that the hectic planning and stress paid off into an amazing wedding to a beautiful wife and being able to start the rest of my life with her.

Jessica: It would have to be how easy everything is now. I never have insecurities about where I stand in our relationship, there’s no his or mine, it’s ours and its a beautiful feeling sharing everything with the love of my life.




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