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January 31, 2018

Cody & Jordan: Black Hills Wedding Photographer

Cody and Jordan, thank you so much for inviting me to be a part of your wedding day! I can’t get over how perfectly the snow fell, and I don’t know if I’ve seen a couple more excited about how the day unfolded. What a joy it was to spend this time with you and your families! Enjoy a few of my favorites! —js



Jordan Says: The first look was probably my favorite moment, seeing Cody underneath a blanket of snow just waiting to see me. It felt like we were inside of a snow globe. The frosty noses and snowy kisses, I could literally feel snowflakes landing on my lashes. But also, I slid on the deck at one point while we were walking around taking pictures and my feet went flying, everyone’s reaction to it was far too hilarious to ever forget. I think my Dad thought I was crying but I was laughing.

Cody Says: Jordan’s reaction during the ceremony. She basically started jumping up and down during our vows, just seeing her so happy and knowing I finally gave her the dream wedding she always wanted. Also, the first look was pretty unforgettable.

Jessica’s Take: I second what Jordan and Cody mentioned—the first look was so much fun—an incredibly happy, beautiful time. They read letters that they had written to one another, and I love that they’ll have those words, along with their vows, forever to look back on.


Jordan Says: My dress is seriously my favorite thing ever and I’m still super bummed about having to take it off. Audra’s bridal added sleeves to a sleeveless gown and no one will ever have the same exact dress I did and that is so special. My flowers from Jenny’s Floral were also a favorite, they made me tear up the moment I saw them and were basically dusted in snowflakes the entire day.

Cody Says: My favorite detail was how Jordan looked so beautiful in her dress. She looked like a snow princess.

Jessica’s Take: I loved the florals, as well as Jordan’s vision for her bridal look. She looked glamorous and effortless all at once (that braid!), and she wasn’t the least bit worried about her hair or shoes getting snowed on. In fact, she was thrilled about it!


Jordan Says: Every little thing really does work out! Just try to enjoy every moment because its over before you know it!

Cody Says: Try not to let your fiancé be too overwhelmed. Although it is very stressful leading up to the wedding its all going to be worth it when she says “I Do”.


Jordan Says: I am most excited to make decisions around us. Building a home and a family and a future is something I always have my mind set on, I’m so excited to see what the future has in store for us.

Cody Says: We got to go on an amazing honeymoon adventure. Also making Jordan my wife after all these years together is fantastic.



Black Hills Winter Wedding, K Bar S Lodge, South DakotaBlack Hills Winter Wedding, K Bar S Lodge, South Dakota

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  1. Emily says:

    WOW. This is beyond stunning. Snow sure makes for a stunning photo.

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