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December 20, 2017

Chad & Hannah: Scottsbluff Nebraska Wedding Photographer

Chad and Hannah, I can’t thank you enough for allowing me to be a part of your wedding day. I have absolutely loved getting to know you better over the last year, and cannot wait to see all the good that your marriage will bring to you and to others. You are truly a blessing. (And I miss you already.) Enjoy a few of my favorites! —js


Hannah Says: The most memorable part of our wedding was from the time I saw Chad waiting for me at the end of the aisle until the end of the service. I was nervous until I saw him there, and then it all got better. When I got up to the altar and held his hands and kept looking in his eyes, it was like we were the only ones there besides the pastor. I forgot about everyone else in the crowd, and it felt like it was just us. Seeing the look in Chad’s eyes as we spoke our vows and said our “I do’s” was unforgettable.

Chad Says: Watching Hannah walk up the steps to me at the alter.

Jessica’s Take: I loved this whole day. I loved when Hannah’s dad and new mother-in-law (who has known Hannah longer than Chad has!) saw Hannah in her dress for the first time. I loved being there when the bride and her family stood and prayed in the dressing room before the first look. I loved the incredible music at the ceremony (I literally had to remind myself that I was working, and to keep shooting.). The mother-son dance had me crying like a baby. But if I have to choose one moment, it would be the split second Hannah and Chad had to themselves before the bridal party caught up to them after the ceremony recessional. I could hardly believe it’s my job to witness that kind of joy.

Hannah Says: I loved it all! Mostly because of the people that made it possible. One friend did my makeup, one did my hair, one made my cake, Chad’s sister made the appetizers (besides all the other jobs that friends helped out with). And it all turned out so perfectly, but the experience was part of what made it so memorable. And it meant so much to me that my sister and another friend sang at our wedding. The flowers were gorgeous! But I think the detail I loved the most was our unity braid. When we went up to do the braid at the altar, it didn’t work like we practiced. I completely drew a blank on how to even braid, and it really was a joint effort to complete that project. It proved to me that it takes us both to lift each other up and complete each other’s shortcomings. Our first of many joint projects together as a married couple!

Chad Says: Everything was so detailed that it makes it hard to choose one thing. I would say the cake table was probably my favorite set up. Katie did such a good job on the cakes and pies that it was an impressive spread.

Jessica’s Take: I loved the texture of Hannah’s dress and her bridal bouquet!

Hannah Says: Just remember the reason you’re doing all this. Don’t get so caught up in the details that you forget why you’re getting married. Because at the end of the day, no matter what happens or what goes wrong, you’re still going to be married!

Chad Says: It’s not all about things going according to the written plan, its more about the two of you together than the drama that might arise during the day. Don’t worry if it’s not perfect because the guests don’t know what was planned and what was made up.

Hannah Says: No more long distance relationship! I love being able to cuddle with him every night before bed, falling asleep in his arms, and waking up to him. Building a home together and really making decisions as “us” instead of “you and me.” Knowing I have his unconditional love and support. Knowing that he’s always there to talk to and go do things with. All the little details, like coming home from work one day and seeing that he made me a pot of tea. It’s all awesome!

Chad Says: The time together without a constant schedule of having to be somewhere else soon. Plans work much better when we are together than when we need to be at the same place at the same time. It is much better working as a team than as individuals.


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