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June 17, 2016

Jeramy & Patricia: Black Hills Engagement Photographer

Jeramy and Patricia, thank you for taking the time to visit the Hills for engagement photos (and for standing in that wind and making it look like nothing!). Loved spending this afternoon with you! I hope the two of you are enjoying your time together, and that you’ll get to visit again soon to cross some places off of your list! Enjoy a few of my favorites! —js


Patricia, what’s your favorite thing about Jeramy?
There are so many qualities about Jeramy that I love about him! I knew he was different from the very beginning with how genuine, sincere, hard-working, funny, and how he just put my heart at ease. My favorite thing though is his sense of humor and how he makes me laugh and smile on a daily basis. I know there will never be a day that our lives aren’t filled with laughter, and that is because of him!

You knew you’d marry him when…
There were so many moments throughout the years that I knew he was the one and that I would marry him. He has showed me unconditional love through everything, his commitment to our relationship everyday, how well he gets along with my family, and how his family welcomed me right into their family. A huge moment was having a long distance relationship- and even though it was difficult being so far away from each other at times, after every trip to see each other I knew it was worth it because one day we would be together and I couldn’t wait for that day! He is my best friend and I know he will always be there for me.

Jeramy, what’s your favorite thing about Patricia?
My favorite thing about Patricia is how she can make me smile everyday and even on my bad days. She understands me and always knows just the right thing to say. She is so thoughtful and considerate and makes sure those around her feel welcome. Whether it be when we are together or apart she is always my reason to smile!

You knew you’d marry her when…
I knew I would marry her when we were spending our Christmas together and found myself thinking of many years down the line and our Christmas’ to come. She instantly welcomed me into her family and my family welcomed her into ours. She brings me an inner peace that no matter what is going on around us she is my center and can’t wait to spend my life with her.



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