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May 6, 2015

Ron & Pat: Sixty Years Together


Sometimes, when people ask me about my in-laws, I tell them I won the lottery. To only say that I’m lucky would be an unfair understatement.

My husband’s family has a way of making me feel like I’ve always been there, like I’ve always been one of them. They can give anyone—even a shy girl who can’t remember how to play a single card game—a sense of being right at home. When we spend time with them, there is teasing. And laughter. With mashed potatoes followed by desserts. There are naps on a very long sectional or in a recliner if you can find one available. There are porch swing conversations and hugs given in between “So glad you’re here” and “See you soon”.  To put it lightly, in their family is a really good place to be.

The two lovestruck kids who began this legacy are celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary this month. Their story began in rural Nebraska. Grandma Pat says the first time she saw Grandpa he was working, and was covered from head to toe in manure.

I’d say it’s a love story for the ages, and because we can all learn something from loves like this, I decided to ask them some of the same questions I ask newly engaged and married couples.

Grandpa and Grandma Dorshorst, we love you, and are so honored to have your marriage to model ours after. Happy 60th Anniversary.


Pat, what’s your favorite thing about Ron?
His unconditional love, patience, and kindness. His love of family, friends and God. He has a wonderful, mischievous sense of humor.

You new you’d marry him when…
I knew I would marry him after we had dated for a couple of months.

Ron, what’s your favorite thing about Pat?
She’s my most favorite person in the world. There is no one thing.

You knew you’d marry her when…
We first met, and I never dated anyone else.

Any advice for young couples getting married?

Ron & Pat Say: Be flexible. Marriage is a lot of give and take. It’s okay to disagree, but never go to bed mad at each other.

What is the best part about being married?

Pat Says: Having someone to depend on that loves family as much as I do—we had the same dreams and ambitions. Having a wonderful family to be there when you need them.

Ron Says: Having a wonderful place to go home to, and having each other to talk to.





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  1. sherri simons says:

    What a wonderful story, thank you so much Jessica! Mom and Dad loved it!

  2. What a great love story for two great people!..We wish you all the love and luck in the world…I’m so happy we were priviledged to meet you. Even tho we only saw you at the boys weddings, we enjoyed all the time we spent together. Jackie and Rich

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