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March 25, 2015

The Hansen Family: Rapid City Family Photographer

Remember these two?

It’s been such a blessing to see them grow; from newly-engaged, to newly-wed, and then to newly-a family. I’ve been so very honored to be a part of these milestones, and when they were in the Black Hills last fall, I could hardly contain myself at the thought of taking their family photos—with a one year old Savannah! (You may notice that their location looks familiar. I took their engagement photos here back in 2011. Take a walk down memory lane here).

Zach and Shanna, thank you for thinking of me and for making me feel like I have the best job in the whole world. Hope you and your sweet family are enjoying every minute of spring. —js


What’s the best part of being a parent so far?

Shanna Says: The best part of being a parent so far is knowing that someone needs you and that they love you unconditionally. The best feeling is when you walk into a room and see your little girl’s face light up, and she says, “mama” and raises her arms for you to pick her up. It is also awesome to know that in their eyes you are their hero, and when they are sick you are the person they want.

Zach Says: The best part of being a parent so far is that you have someone that loves you no matter what else is going on in your life. They love you know matter what.

What about becoming a parent has surprised you the most?

Shanna Says: The things that most surprised me is how you don’t care about all the little things you used to, your whole focus and attention is on your child. For example, the other day I was in such a hurry to get Savannah ready to go see Zach during his lunch break that I forgot to take the sticker off of my new pair of jeans. It wasn’t until Zach’s coworker told me did I know. Haha! But I didn’t care I was more concerned about getting Savannah all bundled up and making sure I had everything I needed in her diaper bag for a 2 minute drive and a 20 minute lunch break. I am also really surprised how much you can enjoy getting up at two in the morning to rock your crying baby back to sleep, right after you had just fallen asleep from the last time.

Zach Says: I thought it was going to be a lot more expensive.

Let’s pretend twenty-year old Savannah is reading this. What would you want her to know?

Shanna Says: We love you so much, you changed our lives and you made us a family. Life isn’t always going to be easy, you are going to have good and bad days but we are always going to be there by your side encouraging you and loving you every step of the way—even when you make mistakes (which you will.) Life doesn’t always go the way you planned for it to go, but the way your life is going is exactly the plan that God has planned for you! Hold your head high and don’t let people knock you down. You are a strong girl, you have been since the day you were born, you came out a fighter and will always be one!

Zach Says: Don’t sweat the small stuff. God has a plan for everyone, and everything he does is to make you stronger.




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