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February 26, 2015

Erik & Maren: Black Hills Wedding Photography

Erik and Maren, I’ve been thrilled about you ever since you first contacted me about your wedding plans. I loved that you wanted to keep things small and simple, and to share your ceremony with those closest to you. There was no shortage of joy on your wedding day, and I couldn’t have been more honored to be a part of it! Thank you for having me! —js


What was the most memorable part of your wedding day?

Maren Says: That special moment when Erik saw me in my wedding dress for the first time.

Erik Says: When I turned around & saw Maren for the first time in her wedding dress.

Jessica’s Take: I loved seeing everyone’s excitement as Maren got ready. All three nieces were especially anxious to see her dress, and it didn’t disappoint! She looked stunning.

What was your favorite detail of the wedding day?

Maren Says: My favorite detail of the wedding day was all the food!! Nick from Killian’s Tavern in Spearfish came out & cooked an amazing meal for all of us. My Mom made the wedding cake, cupcakes, & cake pops. My cousin also made some cookies for the dessert table. I love food ~so that was by far my favorite!!

Erik Says: That it was small & intimate family only.

Jessica’s take: I loved the cabin they chose. It was big enough that everyone felt comfortable and at home, but small enough that the intimate feeling they wanted didn’t get lost.

Any advice for other couples planning a wedding?

Maren Says: Keep it small & simple.

Erik Says: Don’t let the little things get to you.

What’s the best part of being married so far?

Maren Says: Just getting to call Erik my husband!!

Erik Says: Coming home to my beautiful wife every night.



My first favorite:
The gorgeous bride:
My other favorite. Such happiness here!

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