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August 11, 2014

The Hurley Four: Year One

This is an especially sweet post for me, as I’ve been blessed to document Evelyn and Sloane’s first year in the world (and even before they made their official appearance). Every time I’d meet up with these sweet girls, I’d fall in love all over again, and marvel at how they’d grown. I can only imagine how Mike and Melissa feel, watching it happen right before their eyes. Hurleys, thank you so much asking me to be a part of this season of your lives. I’ve enjoyed every minute. —js


What’s the best part of being a parent so far?

Melissa Says: Watching them change everyday.  I love seeing their individual personalities shine through.  There’s that time they give you a kiss for the first time… and each one after that. I cherish these special moments.

Mike Says: Watching every moment of the girls grow individually, but also every moment together and how they interact.

What about becoming a parent has surprised you the most? 

Melissa Says: I always had a hard time with bodily fluids.  As soon as Evelyn and Sloane came into this world I never gagged, flinched or ducked. We knew this would be the hardest and most rewarding role in our lives but I never imagined how they would just melt my heart.

Mike Says: The part that has surprised me the most is the fact that parental instinct kicks in immediately and you don’t hesitate for a second to not do what it takes for your children—even if you have never thought of becoming a parent or didn’t think you would be a good one.  Diapers, feeding, nurturing, cleaning up and providing just come normally now without any practice.

Let’s pretend twenty-year old Evelyn and Sloane are reading this. What would you want them to know?

Melissa Says: I would want them both to know that no matter what lessons life gives you always remember your morals and values that we taught you.  Life is not always fair but when you look back on those rough times it will not seem as bad as in the moment.  Slow down and enjoy the “now” and never forget the special bond you have with your sister.

Mike Says:  I would want them to know that they are both blessings individually, but together they have transformed us into a miraculous family.  Think for yourself, challenge yourself, stay true to yourself, give 100%, love yourself and expect nothing less in return.  Bumps, bruises, cuts, scrapes come with positive and negative experiences.  Celebrate the positive ones as they help tell of successes and achievements, but learn from the negative ones and grow from them as they are all chapters in the story of life.


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  1. Margaret says:

    Thank you loved them.

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