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August 7, 2014

Derrick & Tammy: Rapid City Engagement Photographer

This perfectly paired couple traveled to the Black Hills to visit family a few weeks ago, and I felt so lucky that our schedules aligned long enough for an early morning engagement session in Rapid City. It was my favorite type of session—the lighthearted kind where we walk and talk and stop for a photo or two, ever in search of pretty light and laughter (which Derrick provided in abundance).

Derrick and Tammy,  I loved spending this morning with you! I’m so happy we were able to fit these photos into your trip, and I’m even happier that I get to work with you over the coming year. It’s going to be a good one!  Enjoy a few of my favorites. —js


Tammy, what’s your favorite thing about Derrick?

Hard to choose just one! But I narrowed it down to two. 1) His positivity. He always makes me feel better about any situation. He puts things in perspective and I find myself thinking this way on a regular basis now. He can turn any frown upside down. 2) His support. Derrick is my #1 fan and always makes sure that I know it. He wants me to be happy in life and never ceases to show me that he is there for me in good times and bad.

You knew you’d marry him when…

I think the day I knew beyond a doubt that I could not live without him happened when we were climbing spire 4 in the Black Hills. It was maybe the 3rd climb I had ever done in my life and I was stressing a little (to say the least). He went first and the rock was a bit overhung so he was going to belay me from above and I could not see him. I started climbing and got hung up in several spots. He could hear my breathing increase and could tell I was having a VERY hard time and I let him know I was nervous and scared. He said “Tammy, you can do this. Sit back and relax a minute. I have got you. Take some deep breaths. Calm down. We are here to have fun. Sit back and remind yourself of this. You are doing great. I will not let anything happen to you.” Long story short I made it up. I felt fantastic about the man I was with and the fears I had overcome. That was the day I knew I loved him. Derrick was for me and I needed him by my side for life.

Derrick, what’s your favorite thing about Tammy?

Her joy and beauty. Something as simple as her smile makes me want to be a better person, achieve more, change the world, wrap my arms around her and love her they way she deserves to be loved. I can’t pick one favorite thing. She IS my favorite.

You knew you’d marry her when….

It wasn’t one, single moment but an accumulation of several moments. I loved her silliness when she dressed up in my medical flight suit and paraded around. Her support and compassion are what sustained me during those days when I felt beat down and broken during residency. I was never so happy or comfortable then when Tammy would curl up in a blanket next to me on the couch and fall asleep in my arms. I knew I wanted that forever. That’s when I knew I wanted to marry her.



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