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June 15, 2012

Kody & Jessica: Black Hills Wedding Photographer

It could be seen in every smile, found at every corner. It didn’t matter if I was standing next to them or watching it unfold from across the room. It was joy.  And it was everywhere.

I felt it within the tight spaces of the cabin where life-long friends dressed and laughed and fixed each other’s hair. Joy took over when Jessica’s mother helped her with her necklace and saw her step into her wedding dress. Kody wore it on his face (and his sleeve) from the first time he laid eyes on his bride until the last picture was taken.

Even in the most difficult of moments, when Jessica couldn’t possibly miss her Dad more,  joy was there and made it’s way forward—laced between the words of a letter he’d written to her for this day.  In that moment when Jessica needed him most, Kody offered his hand and showed her what life with him will be like. Steady. Cherished.  And you guessed it—joyful.

Kody and Jessica, thank you so much for having me as your photographer. Your wedding was beautiful and I know your marriage will be as well. Enjoy a few of my favorites.


Ohmygoodness is right. So beautiful.

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  1. Judy says:

    Love this story! Beautiful people, joyfilled hearts, and one heck of a great photographer.

  2. Roy & Anna May Sauder says:

    Dear Jessica & Kody,
    We are so very happy for you and would have loved to be there but had other commitments. We were there in spirit. You made a
    beautiful bride and your dad would have thought so to. You both make a beautiful couple. What wonderful pictures. We pray that you have a wonderful and lasting marriage till one of you die.
    Marriage is a wonderful thing that God has ordained and keep Him first in your life and it will last. Do come see us Jessica we would love to see you both and visit. We have always care a lot about you and wish you Gods Blessings. Love you, Roy & Anna May

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