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February 4, 2012

Good Things

I’m playing catch-up on something I’ve been wanting to do for months, and the reason I’ve taken so long is not an acceptable one. I couldn’t think of a name for these posts. So I stole it. From Martha Stewart. Go ahead and google it—she’s got Good Things for every occasion.

For the time being—until I wake in the night, stricken with inspiration for the perfect title—these regular blog posts will feature stuff I love and life’s little surprises, and will be appropriately called “Good Things”. Since these things have been on my list since 2010, the debut is a little long—hang in there.

Happy Superbowl Weekend!


Trying new recipes. My favorite so far is for chocolate chip cookies, but it’s my New Year’s resolution to expand my less-than-impressive cooking repertoire. Pinterest is playing a big role.

Nutella. Chocolate sandwiches? Neat.

TV on Netflix, including all four seasons of Mad Men.  I knew when I saw the logo that if for no other reason, I would love this show for it’s aesthetic. And I do.

Modern Family. I’ve been watching it since the first episode, and laugh out loud every Wednesday at 8/9 Central on ABC. Do yourself a favor and start from the beginning. The writing is so good.

Rustic Cuisine. Chef Dan and his new bride Alexa own this in-home catering service, and I can’t begin to tell you how amazing and different this is. They come to your home to prepare a meal, leaving you to enjoy yourself and spend time with your guests. I had the honor using Rustic Cuisine for my good friend’s bridal shower brunch, and Dan absolutely stole the show. He planned the menu, used fresh ingredients, and left the kitchen spotless—all the while being completely personable and professional.  The brunch was back in August, but I’m still thinking about his baked french toast with caramel sauce. Check them out, and then have a party.

Learning to shoot film. Thanks to my BFF, Clarence, I started shooting a little bit of film for fun, when he sent me his camera. I’m hooked.

Popeye. The cutest Halloween costume ever.

The surprise of finding out there were peonies planted in our backyard. I love having fresh-cut flowers in the house. It makes such a difference in how a space feels.

Black Hills Bride. I was so excited to have Ashley and Tyler’s wedding featured in this local magazine. The staff is friendly and responsive, and completely supportive of local brides AND vendors.

Brett. I know it’s a given, but I’m so thankful to have someone who makes me laugh every single day.

Commercials that make me smile. My list of favorite commercials is long, but these two had a way of tugging on the ‘ol heart strings.


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  1. Mary Donahue says:

    Great stuff, Jessica. I am a big fan of Mad Men, too. (We don’t have tv and so do Netflix–haven’t caught Modern Family yet.) I love going back in time to the 1960s, love the objects, clothes, etc. (I made my bridesmaids wear pillbox hats and elbow length white gloves. They hated it.) 🙂
    I have ashtrays around just for the heck of it.
    And be careful of Nutella. I used to eat half a jar with a spoon in one sitting. Now I have high cholesterol! 🙂
    Keep up the good work!!


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