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December 15, 2011

Laura & Lance: Black Hills Engagement Photographer

I know that love is a feeling, but when you look in the right place, it’s visible, too.

When I photographed Laura and Lance’s engagement session, it would have been hard to miss. Love, that is. To these college sweethearts, a cold afternoon meant being closer. My asking “for just one more” (a lie, by the way) meant another kiss.

I couldn’t help but smile from behind my camera, knowing that the photographs we were making would be dripping with happiness. As I looked through them later, their love for one another was present in every single frame. And it made me smile all over again.

Laura and Lance, thank you so much for asking me to take your engagement photos! Had it not been cold, I could have kept you for days. Or at least for another hour. Enjoy a few of my favorites!

Laura, a wedding photographer herself, is having her favorite photographers in the entire world come for her wedding!!!  The point of that sentence—other than to name-drop—is to say that I just had to photograph the ring now, since Bobbi+Mike will have the honor come September. And Lance…well done.

Oh, what’s this? Tough. That’s what.

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  1. Laura says:

    YAY!!!!! We love them SO MUCH, Jessica!!!! Thanks for being such a wonderful photographer AND friend!!

  2. Donna says:

    That’s my girl and her guy!! Thank you, Jessica, for capturing the love. Laura’s Mom.

  3. Leo Brandenburger says:

    Laura, I loved them all!! Can’t choose one. Leo B.

  4. Aunt Kathy says:

    WOW WOW WOW LOVE them all!!!

  5. Veronica Sparling says:

    Looking at your photos was a very bright spot in my day. Your photographer is talented and was right when she said you can see the love. Love the photos! Laura’s aunt.

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