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August 3, 2011

Paul, Susan & Nadine: Black Hills Family Photographer

I met up with my friends Paul and Susan last week for a few photos while Paul’s daughter Nadine was still in town the country.  She lives in Germany, and was going to be heading back there after spending some time with her dad over the summer.

I requested that Elsie be there as well. We’re not allowed to have pets in our house, and I’m not allowed to have pets the size of Elsie in our marriage, so Susan was kind enough to bring her along. I may or may not have pretended she was mine.

Nadine is absolutely beautiful, and I could hardly wait to show her some of the shots we took in the short time we were there. I had to smile when Paul referred to her as his little girl.  He always followed the reference with a sigh, and  “Not so much anymore.”

Paul, Nadine, and Susan, thank you for thinking of me to take these photos, and thank you for allowing me quality time with Elsie. I hope you enjoy my favorites!

Susan tied Elsie to a tree so we could take this picture:

And Elsie decided to strip the branch of all it’s leaves to come see what was happening.


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