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June 3, 2011

Dan and Alexa: Black Hills Wedding Photography

Alexa and I were sipping coffee in February when she said something that I have yet to forget. She was talking about how long distance relationships can be stressful and difficult. “There’s only so much you can talk about before it becomes repetitive. When it seemed we were running out of things to say, we each bought the same book of short stories, and discussed those.”

I know it may sound insignificant, but that small gesture is what I think of when I see Dan and Alexa together. I see them wanting to stay connected. I see their relationship being of utmost importance. And I see clearly the attention they’re willing to give their marriage, and to give each other.

It was this impression, along with many other things, that made me excited beyond words to be a small part of their wedding. It seemed everywhere I turned there was yet another labor of love, one more detail thoughtfully chosen. An old bible. Dozens of mason jars. Homemade cream puffs in place of a cake. Four yellow flowers…the last delivered in person.

Their love is simple in it’s best form, and it comes noticeably easy, but it will only become better. Their future will be full of meaningful details, flowers just because, and handwritten notes.  The diligence and care that made their wedding a success, will pale in comparison to the care they’ll put into their marriage. And because of this, it will last.

Dan and Alexa, thank you so much for the opportunity to photograph your wedding. I loved spending the day with you and your families, and hope you’re having a wonderful time on your honeymoon.  Enjoy some of my favorites!


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