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January 23, 2011


I admit that by the time I am ready to leave a newborn’s home, I will have become a little attached. I love hearing about their first few weeks at home, laughing at their bitty sneezes, and marveling at all those tiny parts that together make up a tiny person. At just over two weeks old, Carter was no different.

When talking with Shannon about what time of day would work best for sleepy photos, she said that anytime of day is best, because this little guy is quite the night owl. As she predicted, he slept through my arrival and his first few portraits. Somewhere in the middle, though, he decided to throw us for a loop. He was wide awake, and there wasn’t much we could do about it. He was perfectly content in his dad’s childhood dresser, and we ended up with some of my favorite photos of the day.  Not long after, and just as Shannon predicted, she lulled him back to sleep―like only a mama can―for the rest of his portraits. What a joy.

Addison and Shannon, thank you for letting me spend the morning with Carter. I hope you enjoy my favorites.


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