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December 10, 2016

Aaron & Emily: Rapid City Wedding Photographer

Emily and Aaron, I don’t think I can put into words how much I enjoyed being alongside you and your families on this day. Your joy and kindness are unmatched, and I am thrilled that this day is only the beginning for you. Enjoy a few of my favorites! —js


What was the most memorable moment from your wedding day?

Emily Says: So many moments have trickled through my mind since that day, and I can’t stop smiling. One of my favorites was saying my vows to Aaron. I had thought about those words for so long, and I anxiously awaited the day I got to say them to my husband forever. It was certainly emotional,  but the grace of peace and pure joy overcame as I saw Aaron staring back at me, listening with utter confidence.

Aaron Says: Watching Emily walk up the aisle with her dad. I’m not usually a fan of being in front of groups of people, but to see everyone in that room focusing on Emily, in complete support of what we were committing to each other. Being able to read out loud a full declaration of love and commitment is incredible.

Jessica’s Take: Early in the day, I was taking a portrait of Emily. She was looking into my lens, and all of a sudden burst into an almost-laugh-kind-of-smile. She said she couldn’t help it. “I can’t stop smiling!” I get so excited about my work when moments like that unfold. (I feel like those of you that love her are reading this and picturing her face and hearing her voice, knowing exactly what that moment was like.)  The first look with Emily’s dad and brothers was also especially memorable.


What was your favorite detail of the wedding day?

Emily Says: I loved the flowers. They were beyond creative and unique, which I have my uncle and his team at Arts and Flowers in Minneapolis to thank. They even included one of my favorite flowers, peonies, from New Zealand, which is where we are honeymooning.

Aaron Says: I was amazed at how well the wood wall and the flowers worked together. It was completely unplanned but one of those things that really stands out when it finally all comes together.

Jessica’s Take: The visual elements of this wedding were unreal. I think I most loved the contrast between the incredible flowers and the simple, elegant lines of Emily’s dress.


Any advice for other couples planning a wedding? 

Emily Says: You won’t hear it enough, but enjoy the process and focus on the meaning of having a wedding. You get to plan a celebration of one of the greatest adventures God has created for you, and it’s important to remember the truth when it’s so easy to let the stress of details and coordinating items overpower. It’s a beautiful balance.

Aaron Says: Find peace in the fact that everything will work out on the day of. There will be so much build up and planning you do together and in your own head that eventually falls by the wayside and falls together perfectly. The destination lives up to all expectations, the journey is underrated.


What’s the best part about being married so far? 

Emily Says: Being one! We are a family, and the reality and excitement of uniting together for life is pretty amazing. It’s surreal every day. We have been blessed to travel for an extended time in New Zealand, and so far, it’s been awesome as we adventure everyday, make trusted decisions together, and live in the simplicity of what is set before us on our journey. Also, I’m Mrs. Ashley! Still getting used to hearing the new name. 😉

Aaron Says: Having a best friend to count on.  Having someone there to pull you up when you are down, and celebrate the exciting moments of life. Making memories together, that can be shared with children in the future.




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