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November 21, 2014

Marty & Abby: Nebraska Wedding Photographer

Oh, Mr. and Mrs. Glassgow. Your love story is one for the history books, and I can’t imagine your wedding could have been any more wonderful than it was. Thank you for inviting me to photograph this day, for treating me like family, for keeping everything in perfect perspective, and for not being able to hide a single ounce of your joy. The two of you are— truly—a match made in heaven. Enjoy a few of my favorites! —js


What was the most memorable part of your wedding day?

Abby Says: Definitely seeing Marty for the first time in my dress. I just wanted to see him, to see his reaction. I wanted him to love my dress, my hair, my veil. I hadn’t told him anything about what I was wearing and was kind of nervous, hoping he would love it all. Before the ceremony, my little sister could tell being separated away from everything (and Marty!) was making me antsy, so she pulled me and my older sister into another room and prayed for me and my marriage. We girls have always been extremely close and that moment is an amazing memory in the day. And the vows: it’s everything I already knew we were committed to when we knew we wanted to be married, but to have someone stand there and pledge their love and life to you is so humbling and so inspiring. And our first dance…and the father/daughter dance….the whole day was, honestly, Fairy-Tale perfect!

Marty Says: How are you supposed to pick a favorite thing on such an amazing day? There was so much that stood out. I’m going to remember the whole thing for the rest of my life. But if I had to narrow to just one thing, when I heard Abby say “I do.” That’s when I knew that she was really, truly mine forever.

Jessica’s Take: I loved hanging out with Abby, her mom, and her sisters while she got ready. She wanted to get dressed in her childhood bedroom, and everything about that time was really special. I told her I wanted to be one of the sisters, and I wasn’t joking. I also loved when they all lined up to watch through the living room window when Abby went outside to see her Dad. So sweet! And of course, watching Marty see his bride for the first time that day was pretty great, too.

What was your favorite detail of the wedding day?

Abby Says: I lost the only grandpa I ever knew two years ago and he was a handkerchief man. My florist worked one of his kerchiefs into the holder of my bouquet so I could hold onto Grandpa through the day. That meant the world to me. We made our own decor and did our own decorating and walking into the reception hall and seeing everything come together with the sparkling lights and tables filled with our friends and loved ones was so exciting. My amazing mother-in-law made the cake:  I knew the concept it would be, but I hadn’t seen it till the reception. It turned out so perfectly! And I loved my necklace. From Day One, Marty’s called me his angel and I love the symbolism of my wings always being there to protect his heart. And my boots, of course! One of the first questions I got after people learned Marty and I were engaged was if I’d be wearing my boots with my dress. Of course I was! I’m such a boots girl. And he’s gonna laugh when he reads this:  I always have a terrible time trying to pick just one favorite thing!

Marty Says: I think our boutonnieres would be the favorite detail. They were made out of 7 mag casings and were awesome! And our “grand exit” song. We walked out to one of our favorites, “I’m In Love” by the Eli Young Band. It’s pretty fitting to the situation.

Jessica’s Take: I loved that Abby wore her hair down and in all it’s natural-curl-glory. She looked gorgeous, but she was still entirely herself.

Any advice for other couples planning a wedding? 

Abby Says: Don’t overestimate “over-planning”, but make sure to take time to relax and do other things too. Don’t be afraid to graciously turn down help; there were so many willing hands, but in order to keep your stress down to try to find things for everyone to do, keep it to a manageable number for you to deal with. (Don’t be afraid to ask for help, either, if needed! People love helping dreams come true!) Absolutely have a family member or friend who knows you well enough to coordinate for you and to run things the day of so you don’t have to answer questions while you’re trying to enjoy your special day.

Marty Says: Just relax and have fun. No matter what ends up happening, you’re still married at the end of the day!

What’s the best part of being married so far?

Abby Says: I love hearing Marty call me his wife and getting to call him my husband. I love coming home to him every day. During the year and a half we were dating we lived over 30 miles apart, but he called me every single night before bed to tell me goodnight. The fact I get to tell him that in person every night is such a blessing!

Marty Says: Everything. I get to see my wife every single day. It’s just kind of the best part.




This photo makes me smile every time. I love lots of kids in bridal party photos, because you’re never quite sure what they’ll decide to do. It’s a good reminder that authenticity over perfection should always be the ultimate goal, and that the reality is pretty great in itself.


My favorite:





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  1. LaVerne Wallace says:

    Seeing your wedding photos this evening had me sobbing tears of joy all over again. Your wedding and vows were a beautiful dedication to one another and showed what a wonderful day is was all over again. I want to thank you all for my being able to share it with all those who came to celebrate your love.

    Wishing you both delightful days of sharing your love for one another forever and may the care and concern you show for your families and friends continue to increase.

    We appreciate you so much.

    All good wishes always, Your Nebraska Granni Wallace

  2. Kim & Trav Wallace says:

    So proud of all my nieces and nephews. Wonderful embodiment of your glorious day 🙂

  3. These are FABULOUS!!! Love every one of them Abby!

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