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August 5, 2013

Kenny & Jenny: Black Hills Wedding Photographer

Kenny and Jenny, I wish I could put into words just how beautiful I thought your wedding day was. I’ll never forget how the stress of a very rainy start melted when the two of you saw one another. Spending the day with you and your families was truly a blessing. Thank you for having me. Enjoy a few of my favorites!


From the Bride and Groom…

What was the most memorable part of your wedding day?

J: The ceremony.  It was so beautiful.  I’ll always remember walking with my dad down the aisle towards Kenny at the alter.  The music and the sermon were meaningful and touching.  And one of my favorite things was sitting up on the alter and looking at all of our friends and family who made the trip to celebrate with us. The whole place was emanating love and positivity!

K: The heartfelt toasts at the wedding reception. All of them were wonderful (I and many in the audience had to hold back the tears), but Jenny’s Dad’s toast in particular.  Jenny was “special from Day 1.”

Jessica’s Take: I couldn’t stop smiling during Kenny & Jenny’s first dance! They’d practiced really hard, and were just beaming the whole time. And their guests loved it too—they cheered through the whole thing.

What was your favorite detail of the wedding day?

J&K: Jenny’s Uncle Tom made several very special items for the wedding (the Dixon est. 2013 reclaimed wood sign, the California / South Dakota cornhole set, and reclaimed barnwood ring toss boxes).  We knew he was working on something, but we were touched to see how much time and effort he and his family put into making them AWESOME.  People played the games all night, and the items were very ‘us.’

As far as traditional details, the flowers were spectacular, better than we had even pictured.

J: And as a shout out to my mom, my absolute favorite detail from the rehearsal dinner was the pennants she made in the colors of our wedding.  They were the perfect touch and I loved them!

Jessica’s Take: I had a moment at the beginning of the day when I thought Jenny’s shoes and I should run away together. They were amazing. I also adored their invitations (photography by the groom!) and each of the bridesmaids’ dresses.

Any advice for other couples planning a wedding?

J: Spend your time planning the things that mean the most to you and then let go of the rest — make a decision and move on.

K: When things get rough, remember that at the end of the day, you’re marrying the one you love (and that’s what’s most important).

J: Yeah, that’s good advice too.

What’s the best part of being married so far?

J: I didn’t think being married would feel different, but it does in a very good way. It’s wonderful having this deep rooted sense that we’re a team.  Whatever comes our way, we’re in it together … forever and ever Amen.

K: I totally agree.  Knowing that we’re married, seeing the rings on our fingers, is a source of both comfort and excitement for the future.




These next three of Jenny are some of my favorites from the day. She’s so so beautiful.


My favorite:

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