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September 7, 2012

Dan & Amanda: Black Hills Wedding Photographer—K Bar S Lodge

Everything was so thoughtfully chosen. So personal and so relevant. Her antique earrings. The watermelon seeds in the burlap bags. The way she teared up explaining the significance of the wine.

Just when it seemed that the day couldn’t possibly get any better, Amanda would let me in on another detail that was meaningful to her.  I couldn’t help but see how gracious Amanda and Dan are, and how important the people in their lives are to them. This day wasn’t just about their own hearts—but about those of their parents and siblings and friends. It was about bringing two families together. About true love and true friendship.

Dan and Amanda, if your wedding was any indication of the love and support you’ll receive throughout your marriage, you’re one lucky couple! I know that you’re well aware, but wanted to tell you that the kindness of those closest to you didn’t go unnoticed. 🙂 Thank you, thank you for having me as your wedding photographer and for making me feel so welcome.  Enjoy a few of my favorites.



These next three make me smile every time…


A stunning bride.


Just before walking her down the aisle. Such a sweet moment.


The red dirt on the left is from Amanda’s family’s cabin in South Dakota, and the dark soil on the right is from Dan’s family farm in Nebraska.  See? Thoughtful as can be.


My favorite shot of the day.


Amanda’s Stepdad’s speech had everyone rolling. So so good.

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  1. Sherri Thames says:

    Amazing, stunning, gorgeous!

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