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August 9, 2012

Hunter, Roper, and Bailer: Rapid City Family Photographer

Oh, internet, I’ve been dying to show you these! You may remember Hunter, Roper, and Bailer from nearly two years ago (how can that be?! ), and I can’t wait to show you how much they’ve grown and changed.

I got to spend an evening chasing the three of them; laughing at their antics, and marveling at how brightly each of their personalities have emerged since the last time I saw them. I love these kids for knowing how to find their own fun, for exploring absolutely everything around them, and for being so very sweet. Days like this is what childhood is all about.

Gina, thanks for taking time to visit the hills and for inviting me to spend part of the day with you. I hope you and Jeremy see each of your kids’ spirit in these photographs.  Enjoy a few of my favorites!



This photo of Roper is one my favorite pictures of a child I’ve ever taken.


They were really good the entire time, but sometimes, a kid just needs a cookie.

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