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July 28, 2012

Cole & Maryrose: Black Hills Wedding Photographer

A week before the wedding, I sat and talked one last time with Maryrose about her timeline and what she and Cole wanted for their wedding day. Listening to her speak, a clear pattern developed. In everything, she wanted it to be about her and her new husband.  About the love she has for Cole and he for her. She was ready to be married and to be Cole’s wife. That was enough for them.

Mary planned a stunning day. Her reception was to be outdoors on sprawling tables of blue and white and yellow—a bright, laid back, plein air party. She planned to dance the night away under a ceiling of stars and cafe lights, strung romantically across the dance floor. When the sunshine we’d enjoyed earlier in the day was suddenly traded for rain (lots and lots of rain), my heart sank for her.

It would have been perfectly understandable for things to go downhill from there—for outlooks to change—but hearts remained warm. Family and friends pulled together and brought the tablecloths, the centerpieces, the food, and the dinnerware to the church hall. Cupcakes were arranged, and cloth napkins refolded. A lovely meal was shared. Speeches were given. A joyful exit was made, and they settled in at a local restaurant to dance the night away.

It may not have been what they were expecting, but in the end, there was no denying what this day was all about. It was about love. In everything, their wedding day was about Maryrose and Cole. And just as she said a week before, it really was enough for them.

Maryrose and Cole, have I told you lately how much I love you? Thank you thank you for giving me the chance to share your day with you, and for letting your love shine through the rain so brightly. I hope you enjoy some of my favorites.


Two of Mary’s biggest fans seeing her in her dress for the first time.

Oh, Maryrose. So so beautiful.

A very pretty wedding attendee:


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