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May 15, 2012

Kamaria & Chauncey: South Dakota Wedding Photographer

She thought he was kidding when he asked if she’d like to go riding with him “tomorrow”. But when tomorrow came,  she woke to the sound of his truck in the driveway. Her first thought? “I need to do something with my hair.”  Kamaria explained that she’d had a crush on Chauncey since she was an awkward teenager. And now,  here he was in her driveway—wanting to spend the day with her. It was on his family’s ranch, and several rides and days together later, that he told her he’d like to spend every day with her, by asking her to be his wife.

I was so excited to travel to the ranch in Murdo and spend an evening with Chauncey and Kamaria for their engagement session. It ended up being my favorite kind of shoot, where bacially, we walk around talking and looking at stuff.  Chauncey was kind enough to grant me my every request, driving us from here to over there and up the hill and back down again. There was so much to see, that I had a difficult time choosing where I wanted to be most. But, it was even more difficult choosing my favorites for this post. It won’t take you long to see why.

Chauncey and Kamaria, thank you for asking me to be your wedding photographer, and for being so hospitable and welcoming.  I loved every minute, and am really looking forward to your summer wedding. I hope you like my favorites!


On the front porch steps of their future home.

Love this next one. I’m just going to say what we’re all thinking— Kam, you’re going to make a stunning bride!



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  1. Kristin says:

    These people are so adorable, they look like MODELS and not REAL PEOPLE! Well done in the photography sense and also in the human sense — congratulations, you adorable people! k

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