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April 26, 2012

The First Look: Black Hills Wedding Photographer

I decided to wait until our ceremony to see Brett on our wedding day.  I thought that seeing each other before would be empty and meaningless—that we’d give each other the casual “what’s up” nod from across the church parking lot in front of everyone present. So I waited to see my husband-to-be until I was holding tightly to my father’s arm at the end of the aisle.

But, I was terrified for that moment when everyone turned to stare at me. Nervous to trip. Or to cry. Or to walk too fast. And I don’t remember seeing my husband-to-be. I missed it.

Now that I know what a first look really is all about, I wish I would have opted for one. I could have seen the look on his face. Given him a hug. Told him how handsome he was and taken a moment or five or a hundred just for us. And he still would have brightened at the sight of me holding tightly to my father’s arm at the end of the aisle.

Although a first look allows for a smooth wedding-day timeline, more opportunities for photography, and extra time spent with guests, I think a first look’s most attractive benefit is the moment it gives you to be together on your wedding day. Alone. Uninterrupted—to take in everything that’s about to happen.

If you’re planning your wedding and aren’t sure when to see one another, talk with your planner or photographer about how either choice could impact the flow of your day. If you decide to wait, make sure you set aside enough time for photos after the ceremony. If you decide you’d like a first look, think about how you could make it extra special. And most importantly, do what makes you happy.

Kelly and Joel’s first look and ceremony was one of my favorites. You can see how much seeing her walk down the aisle means to him, even though they chose to see each other for pictures before the wedding. Such a sweet moment.

And I believe Tyler’s words were, “I almost fell off of my bike…”

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