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June 23, 2011

Brie and Brock: Chadron, NE Engagement Photography

Brie was my roommate at Chadron State College our sophomore year, and we became fast friends. Not only the kind of friends that listened to music and went to movies, but the kind of friends that were present for laughter and boredom and heartache. We hadn’t known each other for long when I realized that Brie would always be on my side, and I loved her for it.

It was a fall weekend—two years after she moved away to Lincoln—when Brie was back in Chadron. She and a group of friends were downtown for drinks and karaoke, when Brock danced his way into the picture. She liked him, so they ended up speaking regularly on the phone, and then dated for a few years long distance. By the time they lived in the same town, he had gained her trust and completely stolen her heart.

It’s no wonder. He is handsome, hardworking, and looks at her like she is all he has ever wanted. He cares deeply about her happiness. He loves making her laugh loudly in spontaneous bursts, and does so often. But the thing I love most about him? He’ll always be on Brie’s side.

Brie and Brock, I hope you know how much I adore you. Thank you so much for trusting me with your wedding photos, and most of all for your friendship. Hope you like my favorites!

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  1. Andrea Todd says:

    These are fantastic, Jess!!!! And you couldn't have put it better about the way they adore one another. What a wonderful couple, so glad to be a part of such an exciting time in your lives!
    Love ya!

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