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May 16, 2011

Gen & Josh: Black Hills Engagement Photography

Gen and Josh met at a concert, a little over a year ago. “Metal”, she says with a grin.  Josh laughs. It’s clear the genre isn’t her favorite. Although the concert wasn’t Gen’s cup of tea, it turns out Josh was.

I photographed Gen and Josh in Haysprings, Nebraska this weekend. Our original plan was to meet early in the morning at Ft. Robinson, but decided against that when we learned the temperature was supposed to be thirty-five degrees. I was so glad they were willing to wait until a little later in the day, and not travel as far.  Downtown turned out to be the perfect location.

Josh couldn’t help but make Gen laugh out loud, and in return, Gen made Josh feel confident and happy.  He brought his guitar (but played no heavy metal), and she brought her sense of adventure. Their smiles were constant, wide, and best of all — genuine.

And about that first concert? I think it’s safe to say that Gen is happy she went.

Gen and Josh, thank you so much for asking me to do your photos! Can’t wait for your wedding this August. I hope you enjoy my favorites.


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