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April 20, 2011

Dan & Alexa: Black Hills Engagement Photography

Eggs Benedict. How could she not love it…and him? His plan went awry when he found out she was sick with the flu, and unable to enjoy the first meal he ever made for her. That was almost three years ago. Dan smiled as he recalled the memory. He was at the stove, preparing Eggs Benedict for a second time.

Alexa stood near him, taking in the memory for herself. She was proud of her chef, and pleased to have a reason to use her Mom’s china. Alexa’s love for antiques—and her heart—was poured all over the table she set for Dan’s brunch. Each place setting boasted china from his family and hers—creating a meaningful medley of generations, last names, and heirlooms. Dan told her how beautiful she was in her heels and apron, and said he thought it possible she’d been born in the wrong era. She thanked him, and knew it made him happy to have her there, looking gorgeous and helping where she could with the meal.

Each of them content with the part they played, they finished brunch sipping coffee from delicate porcelain cups, waiting out the rain for round two of engagement pictures. And even though this meal happened a bit later than he intended, it was obvious she loved it. And him.

Dan and Alexa, what a perfect day! Thank you so much for being you, and for putting so much of yourselves into this session. I hope you enjoy my favorites!

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  1. Judy Larson says:

    A+++++ You outdid yourself on this one Ms. Jessica. Dan and Alexa are beautiful and the story and images are beautiful too. Love it.

  2. Jessica Simons Photography says:

    Judy, I appreciate you so much. Thank you!

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