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March 17, 2011

The Comer Family

Do not be fooled by the beginning of this post. It is tranquil. It is peaceful. It is deceiving. Why you ask? Because. This kid can sleep through anything.

Chaos takes on many forms. This weekend I found it alive and well at the Comer household, where daughters and husbands (most of them, anyway), children and new babies were gathered together. Their families are growing and changing so quickly, it was decided that a group picture was in order.  This particular kind of chaos included an abundance of good things — the arrival of an aunt, a turkey chase, and a dedicated grandpa willing to accessorize with a tiara.

It is no secret that I love working with families like this. Families who aren’t out to get the stoic portrait… to hang over the marble fireplace…in the parlour…where no one ever actually sits. I love imperfection that accompanies real life. And photographs of laughter. And the kind of emotion you can only get by taking away one’s Ring Pop.

Lori and Craig, thank you so much for thinking of me to do your family pictures. I hope you enjoy my favorites, and the rest of the week with your girls.


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