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December 22, 2010

Alexander Family

It wasn’t a warm day, like we had hoped. In fact, it seemed like the coldest so far, and pictures on the deck with a view of Harney Peak just weren’t an option. But it didn’t matter. They were together, and the view wasn’t what was important.

I arrived before the grandkids, and felt welcome immediately. We decided on the fireplace as our backdrop, and I soon found myself surrounded with laughter from girls in hot pink shirts. They were excited, and shy, and hungry, and curious, and so very funny. And with the promise of warm brownies from Grandma, they behaved (and photographed) beautifully.

Thank you Sherryl, Vic, Kelly, Jason, Stacia and Jason. I appreciate you for thinking of me to take your family pictures, for being such good sports, for finding those adorable pink shirts, and for saving me a brownie.


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  1. sneffjarvi says:

    Absolutely Precious!

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