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September 21, 2010

Alexandria and Dominic

I was a little overwhelmed last week with work and life and an unruly stack of dishes that loomed in my kitchen. Every time I sat down to do something, I would remember something else, and nothing seemed to get finished. I was sure my weekend was doomed to be filled with thoughts of the undone.

Alexandria, Dominic, and flawless Nebraska light proved me wrong.

I had the opportunity to work with my husband’s long time family friends last Saturday in Chadron, and let me tell you, they were just what I needed. I loved their humor and excitement and ability to be happy in the moment they were in. They joked. I laughed. I heard about school and music, volleyball and weekend plans. They had ideas of their own and trusted mine. To be honest, it was really kind of perfect.

The light in Nebraska is predictable and lovely — without hills to take it from you before you’re ready. Our session started in the park, moved on to downtown, and then to a hidden gem in the backyard of a generous stranger. We followed the setting sun to a haystack, which called for silhouettes and a spontaneous hay fight. Brother won.

How lucky am I to call days like this work?

Tracy and Craig, Alexandria and Dominic, thank you for the perfect end to a busy week.


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  1. Judy Larson says:

    I love your stories and photos. You have a wonderful talent Jessica and use it so nicely to benefit others.

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