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August 24, 2010

Kenzie: Black Hills Senior Photographer

This pretty little thing and I shared a room when I was 15 and she was 7, and all the years before then. Her biggest complaint in life was that I would wake her too early with my blow dryer. She did not know how imperative it was that I look my best for 9th grade. First graders just don’t get that sort of thing.

It was around this time in Mackenzie’s life that she sabotaged every picture that was taken of her. It never failed, not even when Grandma was behind the lens. The second before the button was pressed, she would scrunch that tiny face and throw her arms in the air. (Note: I am laughing as I write this. My brothers and cousins will immediately know which face I am referring to.) It is no exaggeration when I say not a single normal photo of her exists from age 5-8. Thankfully, she grew tired of this, and became a good practice model for my photography endeavors. I could not wait to take her graduation pictures for real someday.

But someday came last week, and now I’m feeling a bit differently.

I can’t help but wish she were little again, with a crooked haircut and rocks weighing down the pockets of her overalls. She would probably have a kitten tucked not-so-gently under one arm. And because this girl holds such a big piece of my heart, I would let her ruin every photograph I took.

Here are a few of my favorites from your session. Love you best.


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