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March 3, 2016

Ross & Apryl: Black Hills Engagement Photographer

Ross and Apryl, thanks for making the trip to the hills, for introducing me to your sweet pup,  and for braving the wind and the cold for these photos. I loved chatting and walking, and am thrilled about getting to work with you over the next several months. Enjoy a few of my favorites! —js


Apryl, what’s your favorite thing about your Ross?
It’s difficult to narrow down one thing that is my favorite about Ross.  There are so many things to love: his sense of humor, selflessness, smile, hugs… The list goes on and on.  If I had to name just one thing, I think it would be his heart.  He is the most caring person I have ever met.  He loves me unconditionally  and is there whenever I need him.  He would do anything for anyone he loved and is the most incredible person I know.

You knew you’d marry him when…
I don’t remember the exact moment it happened.  We met under difficult circumstances (the death of a mutual friend) and from the first moment I met him I knew he was someone special.   He was always there for me, whatever hour, regardless of not even knowing me before our friends death.   We would talk for hours on end and every time I was with him and I felt something I had never felt with anyone else.  I think the moment he asked me to formally be his girlfriend I knew I had fallen for the first time and my life would be changed forever.  He is truly the most amazing man I have ever met and I feel incredibly blessed that he chose to marry me.

Ross, what’s your favorite thing about Apryl?
The first thing that stuck out to me about Apryl was how caring and thoughtful she was. Instantly I could see how genuine Apryl was with everyone around her. Apryl just seemed to have this warmth about her I couldn’t quite describe. I knew from the first day I met her I wanted to know more. As we continued to get to know one another, Apryl’s qualities matched perfectly with all my pre-conceived ideas of what a perfect wife would be.

You knew you’d marry her when…
Apryl and I started in a long distance relationship. Normally I wouldn’t be a fan of long distance relationships but Apryl was different and worth the added work. So I guess you could say I knew there was something special about Apryl from the start. The more I got to know Apryl the more I knew she was the women for me.




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