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October 21, 2013

Mike & Paige: Black Hills Engagement Photographer

This adorable pair made the trip across the state to visit the hills for engagement photos (on Mike’s birthday!), and I couldn’t have imagined a lovelier day and couple for a relaxed session at the Game Lodge in Custer State Park. And though it’s no secret they’re incredibly good-looking (just wait and see!), it’s also obvious they both have hearts of gold. A perfect match, if you ask me.

Mike and Paige, it was so wonderful to finally meet you, to walk and talk around the lodge, and to hear your story. Hope you love a few of my favorites! —js


Paige, what’s your favorite thing about Mike?
Mike is the utmost compassionate, dedicated, intelligent, and thoughtful person I’ve been blessed to meet.  He’s a gentleman and makes me smile uncontrollably.   He holds a charisma about himself that is infectious.  I love the romantic gestures, top ten reason quotes, and rhyming poems he creates for me.  He’s everything a woman would want.  I love him for that and I know I’m a very lucky woman.

You knew you’d marry him when…
After 9-10 months of dating and traveling back to see each other, I remember Mike looking into my eyes saying those three words… “I love you”…  Not only were those words spoken every time I saw him, it was the loving actions that came with them  that made me fall more in love with him.  He noticed when I was tired, remembered my birthday, wanted to spend time with me, to listen to me, respected me. He would call if he was running late. He showed me affection. He was patient with me even when I don’t understand something. He kissed me hello and goodbye, and hugged me for no special reason.  I knew he was someone special and I can’t imagine a day without him.  He makes me feel complete.

Mike, what’s your favorite thing about Paige?
Paige always makes all the simple moments and littlest things in life the most special.

You knew you’d marry her when…
One night during a bad winter storm we went out with a group of friends. The roads were terrible, it was really cold outside, and I decided to run and slide on the ice. I fall mid-slide, feet over my head, and landed on my back (a perfect 10 landing funny-wise), in slushy cold water.  Instead of heading back home to change I stayed out and spent the whole time thinking about Paige.  I was soaked and out with a bunch of other people, but did not really care since Paige took my mind off of everything around us.


Starting things off with my favorite:

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  1. Rachel says:

    Beautiful people in a gorgeous setting!! Great photos.

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