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November 4, 2010

Will & Hayden

I could hardly contain my excitement when Katie called to schedule their session. Surely I spoke too fast and sounded oddly eager. It is possible that I may have even stuttered. I get that way, especially when it comes to all things perfect and tiny, and most especially when it comes to photographing babies with temperaments like those of Will and Hayden.

I am always thrilled to photograph any baby, but I have never had the opportunity to work with newborn twins and don’t believe I’ve ever said that we allotted too much time. Katie and Aric were prepared to spend three hours of quality time with me. I was prepared for breaks and feedings. But the twins did not see the need, so we were finished after only an hour and a half. This included clothing changes, a family portrait, and living room re-arranging. And yes, they were awake.

Hayden has the most beautiful long dark hair, and would grab onto it tightly and forget to let go. At times this got uncomfortable for her, but I couldn’t help but smile. Will has bright eyes and less hair, but with adorable swirls and cowlicks. He decided that he was ready for a nap when it came time to take the photo of the whole family. They loved snuggling and looking at each other, and are clearly the best of friends. It will be exciting for their parents to watch their individual personalities emerge, but for now, I’m sure they’re enjoying a time when all is perfect and tiny.

Aric and Katie, thank you for letting me spend the morning with your family. Posted are a few of my favorites.


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  1. The Harris House says:

    I love the pictures! Thank you so much! I can't wait to see the rest!

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