You spend several months planning a wedding and then the day comes and goes in a flash. It's all a blur now, until I look at the beautiful images Jessica captured. She was calm, patient, and attentive to our every need. She not only captured moments that we were a part of, but the moments we missed too. For instance: my mom and dad holding hands during our pastor's prayer; or the groom and groomsmen playing ping-pong-pelt when they were supposed to be getting dressed. I love to look at the image of my husband when he saw me come down the aisle...a daily reminder of how much he loves me. Jessica doesn't just take pictures of you, your family and bridal party. While those portraits are special, what was even more special to me was the how she captured the whole day in way that I relive it every time I look at our wedding photos.
Calen & Lori

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