FAQ Rapid City Wedding Photographer FAQ-1

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose you to photograph my wedding?
Choosing a wedding photographer is an important decision, and it shouldn't be made based on any single factor. The most important questions to ask yourself are "Do I relate to the photographer?" and "Do I like his or her style of work enough to be in it?" When searching for the right photographer you have to remember that you'll be spending an entire day with this person, and you'll want someone who is able to bring out the best in you.

Are you a wedding photojournalist?
I often consider myself to be a fly on the wall, photographing things as they happen. However, I'm not a pure photojournalist, and believe that formal portraits are extremely important. Not only that, but if I can shoot a better image by gently intervening, I will. For instance, during portraits I may turn you toward the light, or move a not-so-photogenic element from the background. If our current location isn't ideal, (most commonly due to lighting) I may find a new one that will result in better pictures.

Why do you insist on an engagement session?
Because it will help make your wedding photos the best they can be. The better we know each other before you say "I do," the more relaxed you'll feel in front of my camera. It helps me to know how to best serve you, and allows you to get a feel for how I work. Plus you'll get to kiss. Each other, that is.

What products would you recommend I add to my wedding coverage?
Well, that's the beauty of à la carte; it's totally up to you! My pricing allows you to purchase coverage and add what you want, or choose a wedding collection that best works for you. Most clients want the digital files for printing, but I also advise investing in an album. I feel that it's incredibly important to have something tangible to hold and to pass down through generations. I like my clients to think of their wedding photos as their first family heirloom, and a high quality album is the perfect way to display them.

Does each wedding and portrait session come with digital files?
Most wedding collections include the digital files with print release, and they can be purchased à la carte from a portrait session. Should you decide you'd like the digital files, you'll be able to print the images whenever and wherever you like. However, I highly recommend ordering large or important prints through me so that I can guarantee their quality and color. I include a professional print credit in every wedding collection because I want you to have plenty of beautiful, retouched, prints - even though you'll have the option of printing your own.

What is a "First Look"?
A First Look is arranged when the bride and groom choose to see each other before the ceremony on their wedding day. It is a private moment together before becoming husband and wife, and is followed by the formal portraits. Choosing to do a First Look allows for a smooth wedding day timeline, plenty of time for family and bridal party portraits, and more time with your guests after the ceremony. Couples are sometimes hesitant to do a First Look because they always imagined not seeing each other until the ceremony, but in my experience, having a First Look doesn't diminish the walk down the aisle whatsoever.

Are you insured?

Available for travel?
Yes! Contact me to talk specifics, and I'll get you a custom quote.

What's your take on post-processing?
I feel the same about post-processing as I do about most other things. Less is more! I want you to love your photos five, ten, and fifty years from now. The way to accomplish that is through clean and simple images. What I do: exposure adjustments, color correction, black and white conversion on select photographs, and light skin retouching on final prints. What I don't do: heavy textures, body shaping, and trendy color effects.

Do you have a studio?
I don't, and although it'd be nice to have that kind of space, I much prefer the photographs I create on-location with natural light. That being said, I do have lighting equipment available should I need it.

Do you have a degree in photography?
I took a couple of college photography courses, but received my degree in graphic design from Chadron State College. Photography and design are so closely related that one is always influencing the other.

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